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How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help If You Have Allergies

Cleaning your carpet yourself may not eliminate all the dirt and dust. While your concern may be the carpet's beauty and outward appearance and how to eliminate those annoying stains, you're forgetting something- allergens.

Without a professional carpet cleaning, the source of your sneezing, scratching, teary eyes, and other allergies still remains deep within the material.

How carpets retain allergens

Within the thick folds of your carpet are several organisms, spores, old stains, dust mites, and other allergens. The carpet acts almost like a magnet, accumulating them and holding on to these allergens long after you carry out regular cleaning.

More often than not, the source of the constant scratch or sneezing you suffer from is the allergens in your carpet. Here are some of the benefits of a professional cleaning service in this regard:

How professional cleaning removes allergy

  • Reduces dust

A professional cleaning service can eliminate dust from your carpets much better than you would if you did it yourself. Professional cleaners use high-powered equipment, specialized solutions, and comprehensive drying techniques to eliminate every last allergy-causing spore.

  • Removes pet dander

Pet hairs are another source of allergies and often cause irritation to those sensitive to them. Deep cleaning can help extract these deep-set hairs and flakes from your carpet, while high-temperature cleaning can help kill allergy-causing bacteria.

  • Enhances indoor air quality

More often than not, you trigger the allergens by merely walking on the carpet. Deep professional cleaning can help improve indoor air quality by eliminating the sources of allergens from the carpet, where the fibers trap them.

How you can clean your carpet if you have allergies

You can follow these tips:

  • Clean your carpet twice a year.

  • Select professionals who use high-temperature steam techniques, as these work best for allergens.

  • Vacuum regularly with a HEPA-filter-fitted device.

How deep cleaning can work

This is how deep cleaning works to eliminate allergens:

  • Spray

First, the professionals wet your carpet with water and a cleaning formula that softens and loosens the dirt.

  • Scrub

The next step is to scrub the carpet. The professionals use an upright carpet cleaner equipped with rotating brushes to agitate the carpet fibers, loosen dirt, and lift them toward the carpet's surface. Hot water steam extraction is also employed to help loosen the allergens trapped in the carpet.

  • Suction

This stage involves using powerful vacuum suctions to remove the dirty water.

How steam cleaning helps you prevent allergies

Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to sanitize and disinfect your. The water inside the boiler is superheated up to 376°F, creating a dry steam that contains only 5% water.

This technique doesn't leave behind residues you could be allergic to and is highly effective against dust mites. The steam kills dust mites on contact, leaving no residue or moisture behind.

Browse new carpets or repair your damaged carpets today

Heat techniques are highly effective at eliminating allergens in carpets. Coupled with the proper devices, you can wave goodbye to sneezing, teary eyes, and other irritants. Contact us today to choose the right carpet for your home or repair your damaged carpets.

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