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Carpet Care Tips for When You Have Pets

If you have pets, you already know the damage they can cause to your carpets. They shed fur, tear and dirty the carpets with their paws, and cleaning them afterward can seem impossible.

Luckily, there are some handy carpet care tips for such scenarios. Read on to find out.

Regular vacuuming

One of the most efficient tips to care for your carpets is to vacuum them frequently.

It might seem complicated, given that you have to persist at it. But, the benefits far outweigh any stress involved.

Don't wait until the carpets are strewn and lined with pet fur, dander, and dirt before vacuuming. This is counterproductive, as it increases the time you'll spend vacuuming.

Vacuuming your carpet once or twice a week will help keep it in excellent condition.

Perform deep cleaning

Regular steam cleaning is an excellent way to preserve your carpet's integrity.

Ideally, you should have professionals clean your carpet at least twice annually to eliminate deep stains left by your dogs and cats.

However, note that harsh deep cleaning solvents can ruin your carpets.

Groom your pets

Grooming your pets frequently is the best form of good you can do to your carpets if you're a pet owner.

Dirty pets equal dirty carpets, and the least of your worries will be fur. Some dirt can be so ingrained that it'll be almost impossible to get out without damaging the carpet.

Finally, funny animal smells can linger in the carpet fiber if the pets are left unwashed for too long. Bathe your pets regularly to avoid bad smells in the house.

Keep your pet's paw clean and dry

Ensure that their wet paws are adequately dried before they enter the house to prevent dirt and stains from embedding in the carpet.

Excited dogs with long nails can wreak havoc on your carpet, so ensure you trim your pet's nails regularly.

Apply carpet powder

Carpet powder is used to freshen the smell of carpets.

If you have pets at home, the chances are that you have some portions of the carpet with musty odors.

By applying the powder to the carpet, waiting for it to settle and be absorbed into it, and vacuuming afterward, you can ensure that your carpet smells fresh and sweet at all times.

Use runners or area rugs

You have to take extra care in high-traffic areas to protect your carpet.

For instance, hallways, staircases, and spots around the bathroom and couch see a lot of trampling.

Install area rugs or runners to absorb the extra dirt in such sections of the house.

These tips will ensure your carpet stays in excellent shape for a long time. If your carpet is damaged or you need high-grade carpets for your home, don't hesitate to call for a free estimate.


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