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Carpet Flooring for Families with Pets: Finding the Best Pet-Friendly Options

Carpets are a perfect flooring option. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they block out sound, and add warmth and comfort to your home. If you have pets in the family, we've created a list of some of the best carpets for pets. Prefer to look for a pet-friendly carpet flooring that suits your preferences yourself? There are some key considerations to make.

As the #1 carpet installer in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA, we’ve put together these tips to help you select the right carpet flooring to withstand pet ownership's wear and tear without compromising your aesthetic tastes and style.

Odor resistance

Pets may have some natural odors that many humans find unpleasant. Additionally, certain unwanted smells emanating from the carpet can linger around the house.

Modern carpets often come with odor treatments that reduce the offensive smells that linger around the house, sometimes even after cleaning. Choosing a carpet with such a feature is a plus if you have pets in the house.

Low moisture absorption

When you have dogs or cats in the house, you want to ensure that the carpet you go for has low moisture absorption properties. Carpets with such properties will dry faster in the event of spills. Additionally, the moisture won’t seep through the carpet fabric to the detriment of the floorboards and fabric beneath.

If the carpet has high moisture absorption properties, the sponge-like padding beneath can become a place for mildew and mold to thrive, which causes bad smells for everyone and possible health issues for pets and the rest of the household. Some carpet options with low moisture absorption qualities include the following:

  • Carpets with PVC backing or underlay

  • Nylon fiber carpets

  • Glass-fiber reinforced carpets

Durability and wear resistance

If you have pets in the house, one of the main features of any carpet you choose should be wear resistance and durability. With pets in the house, you want a carpet with strong fibers that won’t break down or fray over time.

Additionally, frayed or torn carpets are often hard to clean. Thus, durability is a crucial consideration when choosing carpets. Some great options include:

  • Wool carpets

  • Nylon carpets

  • Olefin (polypropylene) carpets

Stain resistance

Stain-resistant carpets are an absolute must when you have pets in the house. With minor accidents bound to happen with furry animals frolicking about the house, your carpet must be the sort to prevent stains like dirt, food, colored liquids, juices and urine from showing up.

Dark-colored carpets disguise stains remarkably well. However, certain lighter carpets have the same properties because they’ve been artificially manufactured to be stain-resistant. Some of these options include:

  • Nylon fiber carpets

  • Triexta carpets

  • Polyester carpets

  • Olefin carpets

Easy stain removal

The occasional carpet staining is expected, even with the most well-trained pets. Pets are likely to shed dander and fur in the house, make messes of food, or track dirt from outside onto the carpet. With furry animals in the house, you should expect frequent vacuuming.

This is why you need a carpet that’s easy to clean. You don’t want to spend hours trying to blot out urine stains or colored liquid spills on the carpet. Additionally, you’ll want to get a carpet with more dense and short fibers for easy scrubbing and quick drying. Polyester, olefin and nylon are some of the easiest carpet fibers to clean.

Let the #1 carpet installer in Bucks & Montgomery counties find you the perfect pet-friendly carpet

Having pets in the house is not a reason to avoid getting carpets. Carpets add a lot of beauty to your space, after all. As long as you consider the factors above, you can have a carpet that lasts long and gives you little to no issues. Contact us to select one of our many pet-friendly carpet flooring options!

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