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Best Carpet for Pets

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility, from getting the best food to the best carpet.

When picking out a carpet for your home, you might want to consider that your pet may tear, shred, or make a mess on it. This makes them a very important factor to consider when getting carpets.

It would be best if you looked to get stain-resistant carpets, easy to clean, durable, and of course, looks beautiful.

There’s a large variety of carpets to choose from based on colors and the material they’re made of.

Here is a list of the best types of carpets for pets.


It’s probably the most common type of carpet used, and it’s not surprising because they are easy to clean, durable, and do not lose their texture warily. A nylon carpet can last as long as ten years or even more because it is resistant to abrasion; hence, it doesn’t wear and tear easily.

Nylon carpets are strong and stain-resistant. They won’t smell because they do not absorb moisture, and dirt can be wiped off the surface easily, so it’ll be easy to clean no matter what your pet drags in.

Although nylon looks similar to wool, it is stronger and resistant to stain. Nylon carpets are chemical-treated to help retain their color and prevent fading over time. This process also makes it difficult for stains to attach to the carpet's fibers.


Wool is a standard material, and every other carpet fiber type is compared to wool. Wool carpets are tightly woven, and they have a soft feel which is comfortable for you and your pet.

Not only do wool carpets feel good, but they take on dye coloring very well and are available in various colors. Wool carpets are made with natural renewable fibers and could last a very long time if properly taken care of.

Wool carpets are a bit more expensive than nylon carpets and are better for areas with light foot traffic, such as resting areas.

Wool carpets are naturally stain-resistant and resilient; they can go back to their original form if squeezed. However, wool carpets are more absorbent than nylon carpets and need some work to get spills out.

Wool carpet fibers are chemical resistant and need to be cleaned immediately if there's a spill.


Olefin carpets are also known as polypropylene and are commonly used as outdoor carpets.

They are designed to look and feel like wool carpets; however, they are made with denser and shorter fibers and are perfect for areas with high foot traffic like the lobby.

Olefin carpets are made with plastic fibers, and they are capable of resisting stains, pilling, static, soil, and moisture.

So you don’t have much to worry about if your pet is quite messy. They do not fade and can retain their appearance over a long time. Olefin carpets are resistant to abrasion.

However, they are made with loop fabrics which require that you trim your pet's nails to avoid catching onto the carpet. The loops are dense and low to reduce snagging and make the carpet suitable for high traffic areas.


Saxony carpets are very comfortable and smooth, making them a great choice for your pets.

Each tuft terminates with high flairs and pile, meaning that it is a thick and durable material. Your cat will enjoy adequate traction on Saxony. If you have a dog, the softness is just about perfect.

And, you needn't be worried about its suitability to you, the pet owner. Because it feels great underfoot too!

Another merit of Saxony carpets is that they aren't overly costly, and they hide marks remarkably well.

If you’re looking to get a good carpet for you and your pet, contact R&N Carpet Services now.


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