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Where to Start When Selecting a Carpet Style & Color

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

How do you want your carpeting to look like in your house? An important question that you must answer when you are selecting your new carpet. Carpets come in different styles and colors, each adapted to different scenarios in the house. When selecting a carpet style and color, here are some things you should consider:

Maintenance requirements

Generally speaking, carpets require regular maintenance and cleaning. However, depending on the color and style of the carpet, you’ll have to spend more money and time on maintenance.

Before you select a carpet color and style, find out what it takes to maintain it. For example, a high-pile carpet requires weekly vacuuming, while low-pile carpets don’t need as much.

Foot traffic

The amount of foot traffic the carpet will carry should determine your style. And this is where padding comes into effect.

A carpet with a high plush pile is not suitable for areas with heavy traffic, as it’ll be crushed under the weight of footfalls.

In such high-density areas within the house, a level-loop pile is ideal.

The presence of kids

Having plenty of kids in the house indicates that you’ll be dealing with many stains. Dark colors are preferable here, as they don’t show up as boldly as bright-colored carpets.

In addition, you should go for a style and material that cleans easily. Fibers like Triexta are easy to clean, as they only require applying cold water to get the job done.

Your interior style

This is a significant determinant for the carpet color and style you’ll select. That is to say, the carpet you choose should complement the layout and style of your interior.

For instance, if you have a contemporary home. A lighter color is the best choice for For instance, if you have a contemporary home, a black carpet is the way to go.

On the other hand, a lighter color is the best choice for home architecture and interior style in a coastal manner.

How much use the room gets

If a room gets constant use, darker colors are advisable because they’re easier to maintain than bright colors, which quickly get stained or dirty.

Plain rugs are also suitable for rooms with frequent traffic to keep the texture from getting damaged from regular use.

Rooms with less use can have plush carpets with bright colors as there will be little need for maintenance outside regular sweeping and occasional washing of the carpets.

How lighted the room is

For rooms with enough light, warmer or dark colors can be used to offset the brightness and create a balance. Carpet colors can contrast the walls to give the room the right amount of light, while rooms with less lighting require brightly colored carpets to brighten up the space so that the rooms don’t feel too dark or gloomy.

Now you know all about selecting the carpet style and color, it’s time to get a fine rug for your hallway, doorway, living room, and aisles.

With our help, you can select from a luxurious and functional range of products and make the best choices for your living space. Get a free estimate now!


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