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What to Know About Carpet Padding

Carpet padding helps to absorb the impact that the carpet would otherwise be subjected to. This impact can lead to numerous things like the breakdown of the synthetic latex, and unnecessary stress on the face fiber, amongst others. This article will show you some things you need to know about carpet padding.

What is carpet padding?

Carpet padding, also known as carpet underlay, is the foundation upon which wall-wall carpeting is installed. Carpet padding and carpets go hand in hand, and the primary purpose is to protect your carpeting; it helps to keep your carpets from wearing off on the bare floor.

Importance of carpet padding

Even though carpet padding is essential, the type or material used for the padding is equally as important. The most common reason for carpet padding, most people assume, is for underfoot comfort. Even though that's certainly true, there are other benefits of carpet padding.

  • It provides excellent insulation, making your house warm and, in turn, saving you some money on energy costs. The insulation keeps your home quiet and dulls off unnecessary noise.

  • It makes your home floors easier to vacuum and increases air quality, making it easier for allergens and specks of dirt to be removed.

  • It absorbs abuse of everyday wear and tears (i.e., it keeps the carpet from wearing off on the bare floor and from the wear of heavy traffic movements on the carpet.)

Types of carpet padding

There are different types of carpet padding; the materials are generally made from rubber, foam, or fiber. They can also be made from synthetic materials such as nylon or jute. There are two types of rubber carpet pads, namely, Waffle Rubber and flat Rubber

Flat rubber

They are more expensive and long-lasting carpet padding option because it is much denser than any other padding option

Waffle rubber

Waffle rubber, as the name implies, gives a characteristic waffle texture that, even though it's very soft, is less durable than flat Rubber

How to choose carpet padding

Here are some tips to note when choosing carpet padding:

Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations

The first thing to bear in mind when choosing a carpet pad is that your carpet manufacturers always know and have the best recommendation, so always follow your manufacturer's recommendations. It is advisable to go with their recommendations because if you don't, you risk voiding your warranty.

Note the density

The primary thing to look out for in padding is always the density of what you need because if the pad is too soft, heavy traffic can cause it to wear off, and if it is too hard, it may not hold onto the track strips properly.

For most residential installations, it is recommended you go for a density of 5-8 pounds per cubic foot; for rooms with high traffic, like the living room and hallways should go for a carpet pad with a durable and high density of 8-pound range.

Now that you know what carpet padding is and how important it is when you need your carpet installed, contact R&N Carpet Services for that perfect installation because we go the extra yard to give you the best.

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