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Smooth Talk: How We Restore Your Wrinkled Carpets

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

These days, the birds are chirping, the mercury is slowly rising, and the sun is setting later and later each day. There’s no denying it — spring is finally here! Now while you might be using the change of season as an opportunity to organize your garage or tidy your attic, there is another element of your home that could use some sprucing up this spring — your carpets.

Whether it’s from everyday wear and tear due to an improper installation job, indoor carpets can become rippled, wrinkled, and even loose over time. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to replace them. In fact, with our professional carpet repair services in Bucks County, we can restore your wrinkled carpet and have it looking like new in no time. Let’s take a look at how!

Carpet On the Loose!

When your carpet is loose in certain areas, it may appear to have wrinkling or waves in it, rising from the surface. This is known as buckling, and it’s essentially a stretching and wrinkling of your carpet. There are several reasons why this can happen:


When moisture penetrates the carpet, it causes it to swell. This can be especially common in four-season climates like ours here in Pennsylvania.

Dragging heavy items

If you’ve dragged furniture, or similarly heavy items over your carpet, it tugs on it and can cause stretching.

Improper installation

Poor installation of your carpet could also be the cause of it buckling.

Wet carpet

If the carpet has become overly wet through a severe spill, flooding, or even an improper steam cleaning, it can easily buckle.

Poor preparation

Carpet needs to acclimate to an area before it’s installed, especially if it was in a cold truck or hot warehouse prior to installation.

Smooth Talk

Because you could actually cause more damage to your carpets, you shouldn’t try to smooth your carpets on your own. Instead, rely on one of our friendly carpet professionals to get the job done right. We use specially made tools to ensure your carpet is left looking like new.

  • First, we’ll prepare the carpet by gently pulling it up from the baseboard, then continuing to loosen it along the wall.

  • Then, we’ll set up the tooth depth on a specialized tool called a power stretcher based on the carpet pile depth.

  • Next, we carefully set the teeth of the power stretcher into the carpet and begin to stretch the carpet. Once it’s flattened, the stretched carpet will be locked into place with the help of a knee kicker behind the tack strip using a putty or linoleum knife.

  • Finally, the carpet is secured and the excess can be removed with a carpet knife.

Rid Yourself of the Ripples

Not only can wrinkled carpets be an eyesore and diminish the beauty of your interior décor, but they can also be dangerous tripping hazards, especially for seniors and young children. If your carpets are wrinkled, buckled, or rippled, get them professionally restored by R&N Carpets to enjoy all the benefits that smooth, even, and good-looking carpets add to your home.

To rid yourself of the ripples with professional carpet repair in Bucks County, PA, call us today at 215-372-0581.


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