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How to Select the Perfect Carpet for Your Space

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Deciding on which type of new carpet to purchase can be a daunting task due to the enormous variety of materials and styles available. So, as the top-rated carpet experts and provider of carpet restretching in Bucks County and Montgomery County, we’ve decided to create a blog with some guidance for readers that are looking to choose the perfect carpet for their home or office environment.

Carpet Fibers

It’s worth doing some research into carpet fibers to decide which one will best suit your needs. Not all carpet fibers are the same; for example, wall to wall carpets typically use synthetic fibers, but there are also wool fiber options available. Each thread will require different amounts of cleaning and maintenance, as well as overall look and design. Once you understand the characteristics of the different fibers available, you can make an informed choice on the best product for your home or office.


Carpet is an investment, so it’s vital that you check out the warranties available to help maintain the carpets over time and to prevent losing money if they are accidentally damaged. Try to pick a carpet provider that offers extensive coverage as this proves that they have faith in the quality and longevity of their product.

Finding a Reputable Retailer

At R&N Carpet Services, we make sure you work together with a salesperson that you feel comfortable with to make sure you get a full breakdown of what will be included in our services and prices. We’re always straightforward with our clients, ensuring that all installation charges are factored into the price that is quoted by the sales staff.

Make a Final Decision With Confidence

Decide on a style that works for you. There are thousands of carpets available, but they can all be narrowed down to one of only a few styles. Do your homework and learn about the pros and cons of each style so that you know what will work best in your home or office. Consider the carpet’s structure, as well as its appearance. This rings especially true if it’s going to be used in a high traffic area, since the wear and tear could compromise the carpet’s structural integrity very quickly.


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