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How to Prepare For Replacing Your Carpet

Choosing the right carpet isn't easy, as they're several things to consider. However, that's not the only thing to navigate. You also have to prepare for replacing the old one, and installing the new.

It's a lot of work, but apt preparation can reduce the amount of stress that you'll have to go through while you're at it. Here are some preparation tips for you:

Clear the space

The more empty the room is, the easier it is to install the carpet. When replacing your carpet, one of the first things to do is to ensure that all of its contents are moved to a temporary space. Move away small, personal items, as well as larger pieces like TVs and furniture.

This way, when it's time to install the carpet, everything will be done seamlessly without risking damage to your property, or the new carpet.

Inspect the door and molding heights

New carpets often rub against door bottoms after installation. As this is often a damage risk for the new carpet, it means that the doors have to be cut. This is usually the case when the new carpet and its accompanying pad are thicker than the old one. Also, the molding may be set very low, leaving the carpet unable to be tucked underneath.

Ensure that the carpet installers have considered this and made the necessary examinations before the new carpet is installed.

Create a path

As the carpet replacement gets underway, you should expect a lot of going out and coming in.

In addition to clearing the actual space where the carpet will be installed, you should endeavor to create a clear, unobstructed path into the house, through to the rooms where the work will be done.

Keep children and pets away

Before the carpet replacement starts, you should designate the work area off-limits to your kids and pets.

The activity is often a dusty and noisy one, so, you should keep both pets and kids away, for their safety and for the task to proceed without a hitch.

Plan for old carpet and pad disposal

You can always check with the carpet installers to confirm whether they'll remove the old carpet and pads, and whether this will come at an extra cost. Otherwise, you must have a plan to eliminate and dispose of it appropriately.

Make plans for ventilation

After clearing the space and moving away electronics, furniture and other personal items, you should also make plans for ventilating the space while the carpet replacement is underway.

Ensure that the ceiling fans work just fine, and that any windows are opened to allow in fresh air while the work goes on.

R&N Carpet Services does more than just provide you with high quality carpets. We also cater to carpet installation, and help you ensure that everything is done to your tastes. Contact us today.


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