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How to Choose a Carpet Color for Your Room

Are you confused about the carpet color to choose for your room? To have your room looking aesthetically pleasing, you will need a carpet that not only suits your taste but one that also blends with the environment. Read on to find out how to select a carpet color for your room.

Consider your personal tastes

It's advisable to eliminate the colors that you don't like, to enable you to focus your attention on the real contenders (the colors that match your taste).

Consider the language of colors

Neutral colors are the best types of colors to choose for your room because picking lighter shades of carpets can make your room a little overpowering. Current trends are in favor of earthy-coloured neutrals e.g. beige and warm gray. Neutrals don't necessarily have to be boring. You can also ensure your carpet has some personality by opting for carpets with friezes, cut, or loop styles. They give your carpet some much needed definition without sacrificing any of the subtlety needed to not make it the standout feature in the space.

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and how the room will be used should be important considerations when choosing carpet colors. For instance, if you have a large family with several pets and kids, white would certainly be the worst color to choose, as it doesn't readily hide dirt. Don't forget that very light and very dark colors show more than mid-tones.

Dark colors may hide stains quite well, but will reveal dust more readily than other colors. On the other hand, a carpet that is neither too dark nor too light would be the best color for masking these issues. Also, carpets made with nylon are best for such a household because of their durability and ease of cleaning .

Consider the atmosphere you want to project

A carpet color can alter the whole feel of a room, so ensure you carefully and wisely select your colors. Keep in mind that trends change overtime and people tend to choose a trending color and when the color goes out of style they become irritated with the carpet color they picked. So, unless you have the resources and patience to follow the trends, you should select a color that you love today and will love further down the line.

Consider how the color looks in different lighting

One thing many people fail to note is how the carpet looks under various kinds of lighting. When choosing a carpet color, ensure to check it out under different lighting conditions to see if it has the desired effect. For instance, a carpet looks lovely in a bright showroom, but reverts to a dull hue in your home, particularly if it will reside in a room without plenty of sunny illumination.

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