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Can My Carpet Be Repaired or Should It Be Replaced?

Carpets are one of the neglected items in the home. You can only notice your carpet when you look at your feet or shoes.

If your carpet is twenty years or more, you may have to replace it. However, repairing them is also an option, if it has only suffered some form of damage.

Not all damage is irreparable. Sometimes, all it takes is applying the right fix to solve the issue. It might not be as bad as you think. But, it just might.

Types of carpet repair/revamp services

  • Carpet stretching

  • Carpet patching

  • Burn repair

  • Loop replacement

So, how do you know whether to repair or replace your carpet? Here are some typical scenarios and the recommended fixes:

Holes and stains

Holes and stains can be stressful and annoying and have you considering replacing the carpet.

However, a total replacement may not be necessary because you can fix your carpet with patches which is a fraction of the price of getting a new carpet rather than spending hundreds of dollars. A professional Bucks County carpet repairer with adequate tools can also help you with it.


Most carpets can be melted by hot objects like cigarettes, candle wax, iron, hair straighteners, or incense sticks. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can get a good, professional patchwork. However, it may not be exactly the way it was.

So, for larger burns, it's ideal to get a replacement.

Dirty carpets

If your carpets need cleaning, you can easily fix it by saving time, energy, and cost with professional carpet cleaning services. No matter the type of fiber, twist, or density of the carpet, it'll be restored to normal.

Water damage

Water damage can be overwhelming, stressful, and scary. It can damage your home and property, and your carpets will be affected.

With professional services, the extraction process guarantees the complete removal of water from your carpet. There are also offer emergency services for water removal to minimize the damage to your carpet.

Loose carpet

Do you have a loose carpet? That would be a mistake from the installer. No one likes to tread on rippled or wrinkled flooring. You can help give your carpet a smooth finish by getting a pro to restretch it, quite a simple repair, too.

Pet damage

If you have pets around, you have to watch out for damages they can do to your carpet. Their sharp claws can unleash destruction on your carpet, or they could chew on your rug like a chewy.

With some accurate patchwork, professional Bucks County carpet repairer can get it looking great again.

Ugly looking carpets or rugs

Whether you like it or not, good carpeting improves the looks of your home. Apart from aesthetic benefits, it protects your floors from damage, dirt and complements other decors in the house. If you find your carpets too, you can get a total replacement to make your home look more appealing.

Whether repairs or replacement, our technicians can help with the perfect repair and installation services. Get a free estimate now.


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