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Carpet Repair Services Yardley, PA

Your carpet is so ugly it’s embarrassing. There’s this large coffee stain on it, and because of how unsightly it looks, you can’t invite your friends over.

Right in the middle of the living room, there’s a burn hole on your carpet that’s made your kid the laughing stock at school. Or maybe Tommy the cat has left his claw marks on it.

If your carpet has seen better days and is screaming for replacement, wait a moment! With our carpet repair services Yardley, Pa, you can fix your carpet rather than spend thousands of dollars on a replacement.

Maybe your carpet is loose, thanks to the poor carpet installation, or the high traffic has taken its toll on your carpet. It doesn’t matter; we can make your flooring beautiful again!
Carpet Repair Services Yardley, PA
You may be wondering, why get carpet repair instead of a replacement? First off, buying a new carpet is very expensive. You can get a repair and use that money for something else. And with our carpet repair services Yardley, Pa, your carpet can look almost as good as new.
We offer professional carpet repair services for various issues, including common ones such as:

Waves of ripples
Carpet patching
Burn holes
Exposed seam
Stains from wine, coffee, bleach, etc.
Animal damage
And many others
Yardley Carpet Repair with a Difference
Whenever homeowners and businesses need carpet repair services Yardley, Pa, they turn to R&N Carpet Services for various reasons.

The pro repairs it himself: The one reason that stands out is that the owner handles all the repairs himself and delegates them to no one else. When you contact us, you can rest assured that the repair work will be done by one of the best hands in the business. This ensures you’re getting nothing but prompt, efficient, and quality carpet repair services, Yardley.

Expert carpet repairer Yardley: As an expert, he’s provided carpet repair services Yardley, Pa, for years and has loads of experience. With many satisfactory projects under his belt, many of which you’ll find in our gallery, he knows the techniques to use to make your carpet almost as good as new. You don’t want anyone else making repairs on your carpet!

Invisible repair: Here at R&N Carpet Services, you can also be sure your carpet is treated with care and attention, enabling you get the best carpet repair services in Yardley. We make use of the right tools to fix that pet damage, red wine stain, burn hole, and other damages to make repairs invisible!

Satisfaction guaranteed: We always make sure all our clients are 100% satisfied with our services. When we repair your carpet, we’ll leave you with a smile on your face!

Whether your carpet is loose, stained, torn, bleached, burned, or damaged, carpet repair services Yardley, Pa can restore the attractive look. We look forward to going the extra yard for you! Contact us today to get started.


You can choose the style, color, and pattern that matches your decorating tastes. Many carpets are available in 12- and 15-foot widths, adding to their versatility and ability to fit the shape and size of your room.






"We have used R&N Carpet Services for two major re-carpeting jobs in the past five years. The easier of the two involved stripping carpet out of a living room, dining room, stairway and upper hall, and after replacement of many 4 x 8 sheets of plywood flooring due to pet damage, re-carpeting with quality materials. The job came out beautifully. The 2nd job was much more complex. My mother owned a ranch home on a slab, and in several rooms the slab had sunk slightly (2-5 inches in different places). After re-moving the existing hardwood flooring, which was useless at that point, R&N used a leveling compound to level out the floors, before installing a quality pad and carpet. The finished job was outstanding. R&N is more than a carpet installation company - they can work with you to handle special situations such as we had, with no issues. The quality of work is excellent."


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