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Understanding Foot Traffic and How It Affects Your Carpet

One crucial factor you shouldn’t overlook when selecting the right carpet for your home is foot traffic, as it will play a massive role in the appearance and longevity of your carpet. What is foot traffic, and how will the foot traffic you have in your home impact your flooring? The experts at RN Carpet will help you figure these out so you can select the carpet that will look right and last long.

What is foot traffic?

Foot traffic is the number of people and pets that will walk on your carpet over a time period. It is the amount of damage your carpet will have due to the movement of people and pets. Foot traffic is categorized into three: low, medium, and high. Living rooms, kitchens, and entryways typically have high foot traffic, while guest rooms and home offices often see the least foot traffic.

How to determine the foot traffic in your home

To assess the foot traffic in your home, consider factors such as:

Who’s using your space regularly

Do you have young children? You can expect considerable wear and tear as they are very active and frequently move around the house. Pets also move around a lot, with their claws and paws contributing to the damage. Also, disabled people who rely on canes and wheelchairs generate more wear and tear, thanks to the impact of their mobility devices. On the other hand, healthy adults, teenagers, and older people restricted to a specific area generate moderate to low foot traffic.

How large or small your family is

Your family size has a direct impact on foot traffic. If you have a large family, there will be more damage due to foot traffic throughout the home. On the other hand, a small family will generate lower foot traffic.

The size of your home

In a larger home, foot traffic is dispersed over the entire space, leading to a reduced concentration of wear and tear. In contrast, a smaller home experiences more concentrated foot traffic. For example, a family of 5 will do more damage in a 1500-square-foot home than in a 3000-square-foot house.

Your lifestyle

If you regularly entertain guests or host social gatherings, parties, or family events, you will experience higher foot traffic. As your guests dance and move, they will matte down the carpet and cause more damage.

The impact of foot traffic on your carpet

Low-foot traffic areas experience considerably less wear and tear due to infrequent use. As a result, the carpet remains plush and beautiful, and its color stays vibrant for a long time. On the contrary, high-traffic areas see frequent use, leading to discoloration from dirt and stains, flattening of carpet fibers, thinning or bald spots, and other signs of wear and tear.

If your home has high foot traffic, consider other options, such as wood or laminate. Still prefer carpet? We recommend a low pile, dense style that won’t damage easily. Using carpet padding will also help get the most out of your carpet.

Let’s help you make the right choice

Not sure how to determine the foot traffic of your home or select the perfect carpet that can withstand daily wear and tear and enhance the comfort and beauty of your home? Request a FREE estimate today.


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